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    I-Group Renewable
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    I-Group Renewable delivers some of the most cost effective solar PV systems available. With both commercial and residential alternatives we can help you find energy independence and lower your carbon foot print at the same time. Solar PV systems produce clean green energy resulting in a better environment. With plans to launch an ambitious solar power plant project and biomass plant project, I-Group Renewable is quickly establishing itself as a leader in energy conservation and sustainability.

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  • Solar Power

    Solar PV Systems can save up 80% off your home energy bill. Solar is the number 1green method in the production of electrical power and reduction of fossil fuel inefficiency. With Federal and State tax incentives up to 30% of your costs, there has never been a better time to go green.

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Solar Water

  • Solar Water

    Let the sun heat your water and save energy and money. Solar Water heating systems are more affordable than you think. highly efficient and with Federal and State tax incentives up to 30% of installation costs, definitely affordable. Now is the time to go green.

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Solar Vents

  • Solar Vents

    During the summer temperatures in your attic can reach 160 degrees. Without proper venting your HVAC system has to work overtime to compensate. Vents get that heat out of your attic. Solar powered attic vents do it even cheaper, quicker and more efficiently.

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Save Energy

  • Save Energy

    With the Avante Smartboxx System you can monitor your home. Set Temperatures on your air-conditioning system, monitor appliances, turn lights on and off remotely from your cell phone. It's the most efficient way to lower your consumption of electricity especially when your not there.

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